Friday, February 6, 2015

Lesson 2 : Navigating the Treacherous Waters of the Teachers' Lounge

ATR Guru 
ATR Neophyte

ATR Guru: Where do you spend your time outside of  babysitting?

Neo: "The teachers lounge, of course."

ATR Guru: "The worst possible place! It's a shark infested feeding ground and you're for lunch!"

Neo: "Why shouldn't I go there? I'm a teacher and most of the time it's my only option."

ATR Guru: "If you have any options, stay out of there. You'll have three types of teachers there. Type one will be the 25 year old newbie. Type two will be the 60 year old newbie. Type three will be the 10 year ATR. All them are reincarnated sharks."

Neo: "So what's the problem? I'll just hang out with them and get a feel for the school."

ATR Guru: "Remember Lesson 1 : Only the Invisible Survive! If you are in a room with them make yourself invisible! Always carry headphones! Keep at least three sets, even if you don't own an electronic device! Bring a book and sit in a corner."

 Neo: "Please explain the perils of social interaction there."

ATR Guru: " That will be for Lesson 3!"

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