Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Life Without Teaching! Now What?

"Please don't ask me to sub or run for office -
Mr. Portelos has my full support."

On my journeys around the Bronx I meet some very interesting characters. I talk to everyone, so I know people from the end of the South Bronx to Woodlawn. The saddest group I've met are the educators who have retired after 30 - 40 years and now have no idea what to do with themselves.

I've met retired educators subbing and have asked them, why? One very elegant bow tied gentleman told me, " you have no idea what it's like. I get up at 9, have breakfast and read the paper. Then its 10 o'clock, then 11 and so on. Then the next day, its the exact same thing. You see my entire being was focused on teaching and I didn't pursue outside interests or build a network of friends. So I'm subbing to save my sanity." I told him you may save it or you may lose it, and wished him luck. The conversation left a lasting impression on me.

Years ago I got a piece of valuable advice that I believe is true. Summer vacation is a dry run for retirement. If you find yourself climbing the walls, bored out of your mind or turning into a sloth- you're doomed. Outside interests, physical activity, and friends are very important for ones mental health. Have a great summer, no more blogging for me until the fall. Peace and love to all.

Some friends have asked me to continue my blog over the summer. If a topic of major importance comes up, I will. Thanks.


  1. Retirement is wonderful. Living in NYC there is so much to do. There are museums and Broadway. There are concerts and ballets. There are wonderful parks and great places to just wander. For as little as $5.50-round trip on the subway, the world is at your finger tips. Boredom is something I have not experienced since retiring.

  2. Something I look forward to fondly!

  3. Yes, she is my cat, very intelligent, and classy. She would never attack someone who is trying to help us. Cheerio


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