Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Randi Knows Best

Randi: Atlas, some of the teachers seem a little hostile towards me lately. My imagination?

Atlas: Perhaps it's because you, as AFT president, endorsed a candidate for US president, 16 months early without any input from the 1,600,000 members?!

Randi: Teachers are sheep. I don't need input from sheep. They don't know what's good for them.

Atlas: What's good for them or what's good for you?

Randi: It's the same thing. When I'm on the cabinet and Mike is president of the AFT, you'll all thank me!

Atlas: What happens if the Supreme Court rules against the unions?

Randi: All the more reason I need to be on that Cabinet.

Atlas: What happens if Bernie wins?

Randi: Impossible, I've already seen to that.

Atlas: I think you actually hurt Hillary by endorsing her this way. Not all of us are sheep!

Randi: That's correct, Atlas. Not all of you are sheep - some of you are ATRs. Just retire already!

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