Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Why Does Murdoch Hate Trump? Why Should We Care?


     Why does Mr. Murdoch, or as I like to think of him - the Snow Miser, hate Trump? Why should we care? Well, as I've mentioned in previous post, the owner of the NY Post wants a new American Economy with Mr. Bloomberg . Their organization basically wants to cut wages across the board for many industries by opening up the work force to those who will work for much less. This new American economy would be paved with donations to wanting and wanton politicians. Mr. Trump brought out the fact that our system is broken and every politician is for sale. This candid remark happened while he was getting hammered by a very biased Megyn Kelly on Fox News (owned by Murdoch) . I should also let you know that the NY Post is pushing hard for charter schools, the demise of the UFT and the immediate, if not sooner, end to mayoral control of NY schools . This is all to open up the huge untapped education market here in NYC.
     Is Mr. Trump our friend? Is the enemy of our enemy, our friend? In this case, I would have to say yes. He is educating the public to some very shady practices that can lead to the ultimate destruction of public education as we know it. If our union disappears because of an unfavorable Supreme Court ruling, we won't be able to make any contributions that the Miser Brothers (Murdoch and Bloomberg)

most certainly will. That coupled with Murdoch's ownership of the NY Post and Fox News will be disastrous for us.


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  1. Murdoch (NY Post, Fox News) hired a former NYC chancellor Klien (under Bloomberg to head) to head one of his companies and it failed miserably. Klien was always saying if NYC schools were a business they would be shuttered. Now he got a business to run and it has failed. Murdoch should rethink the business model of education in light of this experience and rethink his approach to education practices.


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