Thursday, August 20, 2015

Back to School Supplies For the ATR

  With the cruelest of days right around the corner, some new ATRs have called me for advice. In light of the $122 teachers choice largesse, I would start with a list of nessesary items. As an ATR you will most likely NOT get a restroom key and will have to beg any passing teacher to open the restroom door. I've actually had several refuse saying they don't have time or will not allow me to touch their keys. So item number one should be Adult Diapers. This will be especially nessesary when babysitting 4 or 5 periods in row. (As all the other teachers are doing 4 or 5, you will be expected to so as well.)

    Next on the list is are flesh colored or clear ear plugs. You may become subjected to teaching dance classes or Freshman classes that will easily burst your eardrums. Also if you are taking the train and have to walk through any projects in the South Bronx, a bullet proof vest is not a bad investment. Try to think like a bag lady (God bless anyone who's homeless) and travel light- all your possessions (coat, bag, lunch, supplies, etc.) will have to be lugged around as you will have no personal space. Seeking guidance from God is also important as you will find yourself needing calm in the midst of many storms. Patience and a sense of humor (in light of non-stop distain from everyone) is also necessary. Have a great year!

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