Thursday, September 3, 2015

ATR Greetings

(Leadership Academy Principal) Harvey: Toby, did you see that homeless person in front of the school? What's happening to this city? It never would have happened under Bloomberg!
( 2nd year teacher) Toby: Who's Bloomberg?

Harvey: You're kidding, right?

Toby: No. I'm from Wyoming.

Harvey: (rolls his eyes) The last mayor. The guy who's responsible for all the great things in NYC, including me! (pauses) Oh, no! How did that creature get past security?!

(A lady walks towards Harvey and Toby. Harvey breaks into a run to meet her.)

Harvey: Miss, I'm sorry you have the wrong building. The shelter is two blocks down.

Unknown Lady: I'm an ATR. My name is Beryl Stess.

Harvey: I see. (pauses) Let's get you situated. Toby get George. Miss Stess, how long will you be with us?

Ms. Stess: About 6 weeks.

(George walks up to them.)

Harvey: Oh, hello, George. This is Miss Stess. Miss Stess, this is our head custodian. You'll be working under him for the next 6 weeks. Just do whatever he tells you.

Ms. Stess: I want to speak to the chapter leader. This is unacceptable.

Harvey: He standing right next to you. Say hello Toby.

Toby: Hello.

Ms. Stess: I'm not doing custodial work.

Toby: You have to do whatever is asked of you or you'll be brought up on insubordination charges.

George: No, she doesn't. I'll go to MY union and stop it.

Harvey: No need for that George. Miss Stess, I'll put you in the stairwell for the six weeks you're here. Just make sure the kids get to class. (Gives her a cold stare) Don't make me have to call your ATR supervisor and report you for difficult behavior.

Ms. Stess: Fine.

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