Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Trump and Sanders - Bloomy's Worst Nightmare!

     I have to laugh when I think about Bloomy coming down from his ivory tower after two years of printing money. Why? It looks like Trump could be the Republican choice and Sanders the Democratic choice. Outrageous to every self serving billionaire! Sanders will tax the rich and Trump will start WWW3, if any head of state insults his hair. So, it's Bloomy to the rescue!

    Bloomy will save the American people from themselves and the two monstrous candidates. How well could this play out? Well, it seems that our country (and the world) is becoming more polarized. 
    You have extreme choices for almost everything, especially candidates. You have Trump on the far right and Sanders on the far left. I think of Bloomberg as a conservative, but most of the country would probably view him as a left leaning moderate. This might be because of his views on gun control and his nanny laws (limiting "bad" products, i.e. large sodas). 

    Now, the real question for Bloomberg is, are there enough people out there who would vote for a middle of the road candidate? I think there are, but not necessarily for him. What makes billionaires feel they  are better equipped than others to lead? This leads directly to the business model of running everything. Schools, churches, hospitals are social institutions and are now run as businesses. Bloomberg became mayor of NYC and took charge of the public schools. The first thing he did was change the way they are run and viewed. The business model was implemented. Goal one - cut costs. Goal 2 - increase productivity, and of course, goal 3 - increase profits. Profits, of course can stand for whatever you want - increased or decreased stats on what the public may think of as a primary goal - (for schools- increased grad rates, decreased drop out rates, etc.). It completely dehumanizes students and teachers. It misses the fundamental ethos of what a school should be. 

    Eventually, the goal is to privatize everything that once was public. (He privatized certain streets in Queens for snow removal. The streets weren't plowed and the public was screaming at Sanitation and the DeBlasio.) Destroy all unions. Replace people with technology. Many people believe Bloomy will be good to the poor. I believe he was, is and would be good to the poor. The problem is he wants everyone to be poor, except the 1% club - of which he is a primary member.

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