Monday, February 29, 2016

What App Are You Being Filmed On? I Am Now an ATR Alien.

Please open your books to page 161.

   I recently caught two separate students filming me. One turned me into an alien via a cell phone app and the other was being broadcast live to heavens knows where. I asked both to put the phones away. I considered reporting it to the restorative justice league and thought better of it. It would become a big deal and nothing would happen other than I would be blamed. (Yes, it's come to that.) So instead I talked to both students. One was a junior, a very immature girl (alien app) and the other was a bit thuggish. I talked to the young man alone as he was leaving the school. I warned him of the danger of filming people without their knowledge. It seems these pictures disappear from the internet after a few seconds (that was a relief - I'm not a good looking alien).  The alien app is called snapchat that allows you to turn people into unicorns, aliens or assorted creatures. I have been told there is also an app that exchanges and/or merges faces. These apps can be potentially troublesome for teachers and students (use your imagination). Some of them promote anonymous gossip, sexting and altered photos.

   There is no legitimate reason for cell phones to be in classrooms, period.

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