Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Reality TV Star Has Come Home to Roost - As Our Nation's Next President

I want Rosie O'Donnell put under house arrest!

 I've believed since late July that Trump will be president. Many people are incredulous at this prospect. How could a reality TV star become president?! Similar things were said about Regan. People kept showing him with a chimp that was in one of his B movies. If you think about Trump, it makes perfect sense. We are a nation of reality TV enthusiasts. Narcissists that constantly take selfies and one in which (what used to be serious) news programs follow social media trends or the Kardashians. Will Trump be good or bad?
Who knows or cares?! As long as he's entertaining, the nation is satisfied. My question is who will be Vice President? Caitlyn Jenner?

Yes! Of course, Donald! I accept the vice presidency!

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