Thursday, February 18, 2016

Which is a Worse Endorsement for a Presidential Candidate - Randi Weingarten or Fidel Castro?

   As a long time Hillary supporter I was forced to take a cold hard look at her after Randi's endorsement as AFT president . I truly feel, as many of us must, that as teachers we have no say in anything (especially the payment of our dues). Weingarten's premature endorsement with no input was a slap in the face for all of us. It was then that I started watching the debates and listening to Bernie.

Vote Hillary!

   I should add that I went to school with and have many Cuban friends, so I was stunned when I learned of the accolades (some may say endorsement) of Fidel Castro for Bernie.

Vote Bernie!

    Which is a worse endorsement? I would have to say Randi's. The great appeaser, accommodator, and puppetmaster has done nothing to elevate, improve or support the teaching profession. As a lowly ATR teacher she has pushed me towards Bernie.


  1. Mr. ATR, did you ever think that Donald Trump might be a more viable candidate?

  2. I think he may be for many people. If he becomes president I just hope no foreign leader insults his hairdo.


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