Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Continued Scapegoating of ATRs

I just read an article this morning about a pro-charter parent group that is demanding demographic information (salary, total number, reasons we are ATRs, etc.) on ATRS. . Great, let them know the truth. There is, as usual, the underlying assumption that ATRs are terrible teachers. (For this group, not only are the ATRs terrible but they are being purposely placed in schools, much to the detriment of NYC students. They are particularly interested in those provisionally forced placed ATRs. These ATRs are not statistically viewed as ATRs by the City and those numbers are not included in the total number of ATRs.) This stereotype has been carefully nurtured from the collective manure of Bloomberg, the media and most inexcusably Mr. Mulgrew. Isn't it time to put a stop to this stereotype?  New mayor, new chancellor, and no excuses left for Mulgrew not to do so. Come out publicly and say anything in our defense.

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