Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Vote Bernie in Tonight's Primary!

It won't be free.

  As some of you know Randi Weingarten got me involved in this year's presidential election by coming out for Hillary. She did so with no input from teachers and did it last summer.  I then began to question my support for Mrs. Clinton. I've watched many debates, read interviews and discussed the candidates with a wide variety of people. Bernie isn't taking corporate money and isn't beholden to the corporations. These corporations have turned education into a modern day gold rush for public school money; bilked the public for everything from energy to medicine and contributed to many of the most serious problems facing society and humanity. Climate change is real and will have a much bigger impact on most of us, much sooner than we realize. Many Americans are suffering because of unemployment and sickness. Much of the sickness is from dietary choices. Large corporations are genetically modifying food and patenting seeds. Bees are dying out. Corporations will thus control the food supply and look to go after water next. Clean uncontaminated water will become increasingly scarce. We need politicians that will protect our interests. Bernie for president!


  1. Bernie? Are you kidding? Never! Trump for President!

  2. I see a lot of similarities between Bernie and Trump. Outsiders, New Yorkers, and they are both unbeholden to anyone. I know a lot of teachers will vote for Trump over Hillary. Not many will say it, though.


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