Tuesday, July 26, 2016

DNC Night 1

I don't need anything Trump is trying to sell.

   I missed the first portion, but caught everything from Corey Booker on. Booker gave a great speech. It was uplifting and positive. That was followed by a video on Trump University and the students that were fleeced. One of the former students spoke well, but it was overkill in my opinion. Michelle Obama gave the best speech of her life, but not of the night. Michelle's speech resonated  and was powerful. The top two things for me, was her bringing up that a woman can become president and most powerfully, that a Black president and his family are living in the White House - a house built by slaves. I've never been a Michelle Obama fan, but she won me over last night. The most powerful speech of the evening came from Sanders. Listening to him I was upset all over again that he isn't the Democratic nominee. He spoke poignantly of the plight of the middle class, income disparity, and the need to leave a better future for our children and grandchildren. He endorsed Hillary enthusiastly and repeatedly.
   The DNC was professional and dealt with real issues. Issues that are important. Astronomical college tuition, jobs and helping one another. There were no scapegoats or divisiveness. This was in sharp contrast to the RNC.

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