Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Things to Look Forward to - Trump vs. Weiner

I want NYC Public School teachers next!

 After this vicious election is over, people are going to need to fill that void. If you're a football, baseball, hockey, or basketball fan - you know what I'm talking about. (I'm a tennis nut so I can usually get a fix between opens from a smaller venue - the problem I have is that Cablevision STILL doesn't have the Tennis Channel!) Well I'm happy to say we have the prospect of MiniD vs. Weiner for the mayoral race. (Don't thank them, thank Big Bill for this potential scenario.) I can see it now - the faux American Royal family, the Trumps, flying in for the battle royale. Hopefully, Weiner won't go on a sexting binge allowing for MiniD's coronation. Weiner would have made a great mayor, but hey, everyone has their problems. MiniD loathes teachers, and will hunt us down like the filthy animals we are widely held to be.

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