Sunday, July 31, 2016

God or Guns?

First, let me state I don't hate Trump or Hillary - nor am I enamored of them. I saw Mr. Khan, who's son was killed in the line of duty, speak during the DNC. I watched most of it. It was emotional and uncomfortable. Emotional because of the loss. Uncomfortable because of the constant stereotyping of Muslims. Newt, during the RNC, reminded us of our oath to defend the Constitution. He also said if you honor that oath, there's only one candidate we can vote for - Trump. He was referencing the Second Amendment - the right to bear arms. Well, there's another amendment, the First, which is Freedom of Religion. If you honor that oath you cannot support Trump's plan to ban Muslim immigrants nor the insulting stereotyping he just engaged in - . So Newt, who can we vote for? Do we pick the Amendment that we value more? Will it be God or guns?

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