Thursday, July 14, 2016

Do Not Resign, Ruth!

    Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsberg is being vilified for speaking her mind - not as a Supreme Court judge, but as a person with an opinion. Does this nullify her ability to judge future cases that may be presented to her by a presumptive President Trump? I don't believe it does. The HUGE assumption here is that Trump will be president. (I believe he will be, but I hope he's not.) I don't believe she should have to resign. Trump wants to track Muslims and put a wall around Mexico. There are many Muslim Americans and Mexican Americans in this country. He wasn't speaking merely as a citizen, but as a presidential candidate. Shouldn't he, by this logic, be asked to withdraw from the election for showing bias against those he may have to govern? Ruth spoke her mind and I support her for it. If she is forced to resign, then Trump should be forced to withdraw. Is he the only one who's allowed to be speak openly without regard to those it hurts. Ruth's remarks only hurt him - not entire ethnicities and religions.

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