Friday, July 22, 2016

Last Night's RNC - "If Hillary Gets In You Can Kiss Your Guns Goodbye!"


    I again watched the RNC from start to finish last night. Wednesday night's was far better (excluding Scott Walker). Pence's speech was uplifting and positive. Unfortunately (or fortunately for us) Trump's speech was a downer. He spoke well and some of it appeared unscripted, but it was a downer - extremely negative. He talked about people flooding over our borders killing, selling drugs and taking our jobs. The audience started chanting "Build a Wall!". (No, it wasn't a Pink Floyd concert, but Donald did put in another brick.) He spoke strongly about defense, law and order and having other countries pay their fair share. I watched the telecast via PBS and felt their commentary was subtly biased. Before he spoke, one of the commentators, David Brooks had stated that our cities are safer now than ever before and that the NYC crime rate was at record lows. A subtle repudiation of Trump before his speech. What Mr. Brooks didn't explain is that the numbers contradict what most of us know - crime is worse. Every facet of society is being judged on statistics - so those numbers are simply untrue. Before Trump spoke there were the usual GOP groupie speeches to get the audience primed. Reince Priebus mentioned vouchers for all and added if Hillary gets in you can kiss your guns goodbye(!). Then Trump's daughter spoke - young, beautiful, rich and Jewish (or as the old yentas from the Grand Concourse would say "Who can ask for anything more!"). She spoke well, but not as well as her brother.
     Her brother Eric in his speech brought up something seemingly small and entirely true that really appealed to me. The ice skating rink in Central Park was closed for years. Every time NYC tried to get it running they couldn't do it and we were spending millions of dollars. It was incredible. Trump stepped in and got it open ahead of schedule and under budget. At the time I admired Trump for that and still do.
    Trump will find that government is very different from business. In business if someone isn't doing their job he/she can be replaced. There are no monetary incentives to work harder or faster. The supplies you get come from an approved list. You can't burn bridges and have to be socially approachable. Can you see Trump going around the country trying to raise money for fellow Republicans? I can't. This is the fundamental problem with his candidacy - he's going to use the business model. It's been a disaster for education, hospitals and churches. It'll be a disaster for the government and for us as citizens. 7% TDA - kiss it goodbye. Social Security at 64 - kiss it goodbye. Governmental pensions - kiss them goodbye. I'd gladly kiss my guns goodbye - if I had any.

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