Thursday, July 21, 2016

Metaphors and Conventions

   I've been away for a couple of days and had no TV and spotty phone service. One of the few sites I could get on my phone was one of my favorites . (No news, but I can get blog sites!) Arthur has been doing a superb job covering the National AFT Convention, which I have been following with interest. I got home around 6 and watched the Republican National Convention from start to finish. While watching it, I came to the realization that many of the same ideas (I wouldn't go so far as saying ideals) were being expounded. Also many of the same archetypes were making similar speeches. Newt Gingrich reminded us all of our oath to defend the Constitution. Sound familiar?

    Ted Cruz wouldn't endorse Trump and was booed. He and his wife were rushed out, in fear. I'm happy to say no shots were fired. At least Trump and the GOP took the risk and let him attend and speak (!). There was no such kindness shown for Detroit from the AFT.

     Scott Walker also spoke. It was excruciating. This is the guy who decimated public education as governor of Wisconsin. (Many in the GOP had him all but elected as the next president.) Gibberish and slogans were spoken ad neaseam. The AFT had Michael Mulgrew - need I say anything further?He is the heir apparent. That doesn't seem as assured as it once was. Scott Walker knows the feeling.

    The two winners of the day/evening were LeRoy Barr and Mike Pence. Both gave impassioned speeches. Pence referenced his immigrant grandfather and Marine son - it was a great speech. I didn't hear LeRoy's speech but he referenced his parents and social justice - from all accounts a great speech. Barr may one day be president of the UFT ( perhaps even the AFT!) and Pence president of the United States.

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