Monday, August 15, 2016

Pokemon Go - UFT Style

52 Broadway

George, Tony, Anne, and Shelby are all teachers in danger of losing their licenses. All have been on the hunt for advice and representation. George, a tech wiz, has customized a Pokemon Go App into a UFT Rep Go App. Each rep has a different point value based on their level, status and rarity in the UFT.

George: I got hold of a Chapter leader yesterday, but he refused to represent me because I'm an ATR.

Tony: Well, it's still a hundred points, try for borough rep - they're a thousand points.

Anne: Good luck!

Shelby: George, how does this work?

George: Delegates are a point a piece. Chapter leaders are 100 points. Borough reps are a thousand. Executive board delegates 5,000 points. Special representatives are 100,000 points and the president is a million points.

Anne: I'm going to get them all!

Tony: Yeah, and maybe one will help you!


  1. Sorry you guys have to play this game. Chapter leaders are specifically told they represent ATRs at meetings I attend, but of course we don't all attend the meetings.

  2. Unfortunately it's not what the UFT says that counts, it's what it does or doesn't do.

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