Friday, September 23, 2016

Andy and Atlas: A Conversation


             Andy: Atlas, you old fool, are you still working?

             Atlas : I am, are you?

             Andy: You know it, baby! Did you see my performance yesterday with the media?

             Atlas: Are you referring to your indignant diatribe against Anthony?

             Andy: That's right! Weiner's timing was wonderful! It detracted all the buzz and
                        buzzards from my associates' troubles.

              Atlas: Preet seems to have you in his sights, Andy.

              Andy: It'll never happen. I'm smarter than him, and as you've seen the only group more
                         gullible and less intelligent than teachers is the media.

              Atlas: What DO YOU you plan on doing with us?

              Andy: After deBlasio is Preeted and his reelection Preemted, I will give it all to Eva!

              Atlas: You really are diabolical.

              Andy: I'm really hurt, Atlas. This ATR business must be getting to you. You really
                         should be working for me. I'm much kinder than the DOE, and with Trump in
                         office you may need a fallout shelter, and I got the best one in the state!

              Atlas: Yes, the end of the world as we know it.

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