Sunday, September 25, 2016

Hillary vs. Donald - The End of the World Debates

   As most of you know tomorrow will be the first in a series of debates against the two best candidates our country could muster for the presidency of the United States. If you're a football fan and like to head to the nearest pub for Monday night football - forget about it - it's Hillary vs. Donald.
The anticipated audience is expected to beat the Super Bowl's. Don't look for Beyoncé to blow out the electricity at half time, but there should be plenty of fireworks. This is a snippet from my twisted imagination:

  Hillary takes the stage wearing a navy Trump University tee shirt. Upon reaching the podium she points to her shirt and there are loud boos from the audience.
   Trump takes the stage and blows a kiss to Gennifer Flowers (former Bill Clinton girlfriend) who is sitting in the front row.
    The moderator Don Rickles, flips a coin. It's tails, so Trump gets to speak first. Rickles tells them the rules - there are none, just start. Trump begins:

Trump: Well, they said it couldn't happen, but here I am! Hillary kiss my ass!

Hillary: You're a complete asshole and I'm going to demolish you faster than one of your bankrupt casinos.

Trump: Crooked Hillary, you couldn't even manage Bill and you want to run the country! I don't blame Bill, do you Gennifer?

Hillary knocks the podium over and begins to pummel the Donald. Her hands quickly take on an orange hue from his sprayed on tan. Then the unimaginable happens - she rips off Trump's hairpiece, sending it flying onto Gennifer's ample bosom. (The audience is shocked, realizing Trump has lied all along about his hair. It may be the turning point of the election.) Security finally breaks up the melee and the debate is over.

Don't forget to tune in, tomorrow night.


  1. Trump proposes to Hilary. Gennifer and Monica are the bridesmaids!!!!

  2. Sounds a lot more interesting than what I'm expecting.

    1. I wish it was on a Friday night, I'd have a fiesta! You'd be invited, of course.


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