Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Who Won the First Debate? Rosie O'Donnell!

It's Rosie's fault!
   The debate went fairly well for both candidates. I felt Lester Holt showed bias against Trump, especially in bringing up the birther movement to counter Hillary's mea culpa over her private server - hoping to elicit an apology from the Trumpster to mitigate those vanished emails. Holt also hammered him over 'Stop and Frisk', saying it's been proven unconstitutional. Trump rightly answered it would have been overturned if deBlasio appealed it. Clinton answered NY City's numbers are way down without Stop and Frisk. Trump should have added those numbers are down statistically for a reason (and it's not because crime has gone down). She could have, at that point, brought up gun control.
    Overall, Clinton did well in not getting rattled. She wisely brought up his obvious bias towards women. Trump blamed it all on Rosie O'Donnell. Rosie, if he loses its because of you!


  1. I think Lester Holt did a wonderful job. I think he handled Trump's tendency to talk over others and do and say whatever he wants, no matter how erroneous, well.

    1. I would have preferred Don Rickles or the late Sam Kinison.


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