Saturday, October 1, 2016

Understanding What's Important in Life or "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F-ck"

    It's amazing how uncommon common sense can be - which is why a self help book called "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F-ck" strikes a chord with so many. Basically the author is saying care about the important things in life and understand the difference between those things.
     I've found through experience it's best not to have any expectations in most situations, especially those in which you have no control. Doing so allows one not to suffer disappointment or the emotions that can accompany it. Some may go further and intentionally distance themselves from personal relationships. (This is a survival mechanism for many teachers and ATRs. It's easy to get pulled into negativity and gossip.) This is especially true if you are someplace temporarily, and aren't we all here on Earth temporarily? Try to remember what's important in life and be kind to one another.


  1. I think you are on to something, as far as survival as an ATR. It's a terrible thing to go through, and I've seen it affect people in very bad ways. Still, I know just a few people who manage to remain amused by it. That's a tough job, but I think it's a very helpful one.

    1. Yes, it can be tough. It reminds me of Elvis Costello's song, Red Shoes. "I used to be disgusted - but now I'm just amused...".

    2. Great song. I think that's your best bet. I do know people who have not fared well under this system, and I very much think I wouldn't either.


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