Saturday, September 17, 2016

Who are You Going to Believe? Me or Your Lying Eyes!?

Mike says :  ATRs are at an all time low. - ( F-ck you, ATR and the walker you slid in on.)
                    School openings were smooth. - ( Ignore the rumors of massive vacancies.)
                    We're working hard to reduce class sizes. - (It can always be higher.)
                    No teacher should be developing scope, sequence or curriculum maps.(Wink,wink)
                    New teachers should be allowed to use the restrooms. (Let the ATRs use diapers.)
                    First graders should be suspended. (But not any other students.)
                    There are SAVE rooms to remove unruly students. ( I know there's at a least one.)
                    We all like raffles. So let's have one. (This is a heck of a fun job!)


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