Sunday, September 11, 2016

Message Sent and Delivered


     What is the universe trying to tell Mayor deBlasio, when, on the first day of school, a fifteen year old student brings a loaded gun into a school? A. This was a bizarre aberration; B. This was a ploy committed by an underage actor hired by the NY Post; C. This is a sign that there will be a terrible disaster if metal detectors are removed. After hearing the news, Mayor deBlasio said, "Our schools are getting safer and safer." How does a 29% decrease in school crime correlate to a 25% increase in school weapon confiscation? Taking metal detectors out of schools will certainly make the schools statistically safer, but do New Yorkers finally understand the illusion of statistics? I understand how the Mayor feels.  He must feel as I do - that it's revolting for kids to have to go through metal detectors to get into school, but that's what our society has devolved into. Safety has to come first.

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