Friday, October 21, 2016

Cyber War - Not a Bullet Fired


    We are under attack in cyberspace. (Hillary may be more acutely aware of this via WikiLeaks.) There was another attack today -      Some of these attacks appear to be coming from governments that are putting their resources into disrupting our economy. This has the potential to affect each and everyone of us . From monetary value, bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages, power grids, water - everything possible. It has the potential to damage our nation as much as a nuclear bomb without the immediate  physical damage - the physical damage will eventually occur however. (There's a great show from the USA network called Mr. Robot, which gives a picture of life after such an attack. )      Some are afraid that if Trump loses, certain nations that have an intense dislike for Obama and Clinton will up the stakes. President Clinton or Trump will need to put more of our resources into the protection of our infrastructure in cyberspace, and in building civil relationships with China, Russia, the Philipines, North Korea, and the Middle East. There needs to be public and private awareness that terrorists can use the internet to attack us.

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