Monday, October 10, 2016

The Beginning of the Fall - Sunday Night's Debate

   Sunday night's disgusting spectacle was emblematic of everything that is wrong with this country. The media, fame, dirty politics, sexism, racism, self interest, and capitalism - all tied together with lies. Two people, presumably the best we have to offer (after an extreme vetting process via their individual party's nomination), went at each other like two coked up roosters. The moderators were a joke. Anderson Cooper should be relieved of any future position in the news media as a moderator after displaying what can only be called unbridled bias (time to throw out those Gloria Vanderbilt jeans you've saved since college) and Raditz only nominally so. I really don't think I can vote this year. A raging asshole (excuse my language) or a bought bureaucrat - and yes, I still think Trump is going to win.

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