Saturday, October 22, 2016

Everyone Knows What's Best for African American Children, Except the NAACP

   The NAACP recently came out with an intelligent statement concerning charter schools - "We are calling for a moratorium on the expansion of the charter schools at least until such time as:
(1) Charter schools are subject to the same transparency and accountability standards as public schools
(2) Public funds are not diverted to charter schools at the expense of the public school system
(3) Charter schools cease expelling students that public schools have a duty to educate and
(4) Charter schools cease to perpetuate de facto segregation of the highest performing children from those whose aspirations may be high but whose talents are not yet as obvious."

    I can't objectively find fault with this, but the Secretary of Education John King has and has publicly stated, any arbitrary cap on the growth of high-performing charters is a mistake in terms of our goal of trying to improve opportunity for all kids.”

   One would think that the Secretary of Education under the nation's first African American president would show a little more respect for the NAACP or at least for common sense logic. Is Mr. King interested in helping children or in pushing the charter school ideology? This is in direct opposition to the NAACP, "The NAACP’s resolution is not inspired by ideological opposition to charter schools but by our historical support of public schools – as well as today’s data and the present experience of NAACP branches in nearly every school district in the nation,” said Cornell William Brooks, President and CEO of the NAACP. “Our NAACP members, who as citizen advocates, not professional lobbyists, are those who attend school board meetings, engage with state legislatures and support both parents and teachers.”

    The media has heaped praise on Mr. King and distain on the NAACP. It seems incredibly arrogant and insulting that the NY Post, the Obama administration and the Charter School Movement has the gall to chastise the NAACP and tell it what's best for African American children. The Charter School movement doesn't care about children- it cares only about profits. 

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