Thursday, October 27, 2016

What Do ATRs Want?

    Next week will commence the start of the annual UFT informational dog and pony shows with ATRs. This year promises to be more than we're "working hard for your restroom keys", "you have to be your own advocate", and my favorite, "you're lucky to have a job". There have recently been new ATR negotiations, so if logic dictates (it usually doesn't with the UFT) we should get some new information at these meetings. If some of you are scratching your heads wondering why new negotiations, you're not alone. The discriminatory provisions of the last contract were allowed to sunset. Why the UFT felt it had to go into new negotiations, instead of leaving things the way they are, is a matter of conjecture because we haven't been informed. (That's nothing new if you're an ATR - we are always an afterthought, an elephant in the room that is never to be discussed or mentioned, especially in public or the UFT paper.) So exactly what do ATRs want?
    First and foremost ATRs want and need crucial information in a timely fashion. We shouldn't have to ask janitors at 52 Broadway if they overheard Mulgrew talking on the bowl.
    Secondly, we need the truth. The UFT should release the demographic information on ATRs which will prove we are not "sub-par" teachers. The UFT should advertise this fact. It seems to have stopped its negative branding of us, but that's not enough- the damage has been done. Even though we are offered for free, who wants a sub- par teacher?
    Lastly and most importantly, this bullshit has to stop - it's been 11 years! I've been seeing totally clueless teachers trying to teach, while we sub and are treated like absolute garbage by everyone. If the UFT wants us out then negotiate a decent buyout. For those who want to be ATRs, let them have input into what they want and for the rest of us, LET US TEACH.

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