Saturday, November 5, 2016

Future Scenarios - Trump and Hillary

Former Teacher for Trump supporter, 2020
   I just received a pathetic plea from Mulgrew, for Hillary. Many have told me it's impossible for Trump to win. These are the same people who have continually told me Trump would be finished a month after his announcement to run, that this current contract is great, that our dues pay for medical, that the ATR pool is temporary, deBlasio is fabulous and that Mulgrew has our best interests at heart. Tonight while studying American history my daughter asked me to imagine our country's future. This is the frightening or wonderful scenario I foresee if Trump is our next president. (I know you're still planning on writing in Bernie Sanders, but that's nothing but a waste of time.) What will President Trump mean for us? Well, he has said he'll disband the DOE. What will replace it? Charters, of course. Look for the privatization of many civil service jobs and the end to most pensions. I do believe he will cut taxes, but most middle class people will be paid much less than they are now, as most states will continue to become right to work states. Many of us will lose our jobs. There will be cuts to everything including Social Security. Say goodbye to your 7% TDA. There is a very good chance we will have an economic collapse and climate change will accelerate with very crazy weather. Trump will continue to deny it. To end the economic collapse the military will be bulked up and the wall will be built. Immigration will come to a halt, except for those who are highly educated and trained in highly specialized fields.There will be a big push to revamp our infrastructure. There will also be at least two wars. Cyber terrorism will continue to grow. There will be some of us that will go off the grid - no technology. Russia will become a close ally. There will be a begrudging recognition that we have an empire and that we have to manage it to our advantage. There will be tremendous technological innovation. There will be continued massive displacement of workers because of it. Virtual  reality will change human interaction in a profound way. There will be a new drug developed that will replace marijuana and alcohol with no side effects and it will be legalized to keep the masses passive.That and Bitcoins will take the place of our devalued currency for a short time. There will be several attempts made on Trump's life from foreign countries. Pence will succeed Trump as president. Our country will be radically changed in every way imaginable. Trump's Supreme Court nominees will stop abortion, affirmative action, and effectively end gun control. We will have a much more conservative nation, the media will be actively controlled, and there will be no privacy.

    My daughter then asked me to imagine what will happen if Hillary wins. Most things will remain marginally the same, with charter schools very slowly growing and Obama care revamped. There will be an accelerated push to impeach her, but it will not succeed. Stronger gun control will be put into effect. Supreme Court nominees will keep the status quo. Bill will actively advise her, as she did him while in office. There will be an economic downturn and Hillary will stop immigration out of necessity. Her health may take a down turn and Bill would take defacto control, not Keane. Overall it's much better for all of us if Hillary gets in. 
     Just my dark musings on what could happen. The choice is scary or boring. I prefer boring to living in a tent in the park.

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