Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Media - A Profound Misunderstanding of the American People and Statistics

  I was certain Trump was going to be elected shortly after he announced his candidacy. Many people said I was wrong, crazy and delusional. The media vilified and mocked him, while their constant statistics proved he couldn't win at each juncture. I knew he would win because I have no faith in intelligent people to use common sense. That, reality TV and the constant need for entertainment won Trump the election. What sealed the pure certainty that Trump would win was the AFT/UFT  endorsement of  Clinton - a veritable kiss of death. Make no mistake Trump as president will profoundly change our lives.


  1. I'm truly frightened about what he and a red Congress will do. Can you please write more about how Election 2016 will change the lives of union teachers?

  2. He can nominate Supreme Court judges that will make union dues optional. A continued push towards right to work states that will severely curtail unionism in general. NYState legislature controlled or currying favor to anti-union Republicans can lower or radically alter our TDA. Social Security can be decreased and/or the age increased a la a Christie like recipe. Privatizers- charter schools- will be given free reign to compete unfairly with public schools. This is a potential nightmare for all teachers.


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