Thursday, November 10, 2016

Resign, Randi, Resign !

Never! You need me more than ever!
   If Randi Weingarten had a trace of decency she would resign. She is a complete incompetent, mutes those who have differing viewpoints and has consistently made decisions that have threatened individual teacher's careers as well as that of teaching as a profession. From her constant capitulations, accommodations, and self serving interests - she as proven herself to be spectacularly destructive for us. The shit storm that will reign down on all of us could have been stopped by the AFT's endorsement of Sanders. Remember this while you're watching Trump, Christie, Guliani and Gingrich gleefully privatizing schools, dismantling unions, raising Social Security age, and drafting your kids. The only problem is she would hand pick a mindless sycophant, like Mulgrew, that would continue her dismal legacy of failure.

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  1. George, I couldn't publish all those obscenities. You're correct, but the choices made by one person- Weingarten has greatly accelerated the inevitable. Her self serving feverish rush to endorse Hillary without regard to her members wishes precipitated the inevitable, meaning the mass privatization of public schools. A Republican president and Republican Congress is something that can decimate not just public education, but our entire quality of life via our pensions, TDA, and retirement age. Who's hiring a middle aged teacher that needs a job? As an ATR, you know the answer.


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