Friday, November 25, 2016

What Will a 7 Billion Dollar Federal Reduction Do For NYC?


     As NYC is a Sanctuary City (one that is a safe haven for illegal immigrants), Trump has announced a 7 billion dollar reduction in federal funds Most of those funds go to the most vulnerable populations in the city . Subsidized housing would be drastically cut, causing the shelter population to skyrocket. Free and reduced breakfast and lunch programs would be cut; child protective services and counterterrorism policing would also be greatly curtailed. The city will become a much more difficult place for the poor to live and could become much riskier for potential terrorism. Some I have spoken to say there will be a reduction in the general police force and teachers. Realistically, that could happen. If AFT=Randi Weingarten wants to write a letter of criticism, she should write one about this - instead of antagonizing those who have the potential to make our lives miserable.


  1. Great stand up for the ILLEGAL immigrants and let the struggling americans suffer ...great idea NYC...I don't understand how these cities can think they are right, if people do not like the immigration laws than there should be a push to change them like any other change that people want.

  2. It's interesting. Will people stand up for their ethical beliefs in the wake of a greatly diminished quality of life? Parks will become shanty towns of tents. Terrorism could raise its ugly head and kids will go hungry. Idealism quickly vanishes with self interest
    and pragmatism, but let's see.

  3. George,
    Most people are for their own self interest. Many support all the politically correct ideals that are spouted by the media (and the DOE/AFT/UFT) because it's preceived as ethical and cool , but if there is cost for that idealism, self interest will trump (no pun intended) idealism. Watch the effect of the fines on sanctuary cities that may be enacted. Those same people marching if faced with eviction and hungry children will not hesitate to call INS on their neighbors. But this punishment is going to be meted out on the poor, not the poseurs in front of Trump Tower going for mojitos, after a few chants, to mourn Fidel's passing.


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