Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Rebranding of ATRs from Sub-Par to Highly Desirable


     This morning a friend texted me an interesting article titled, 'Brooklyn Principal Will Help Shrink City Absent Teacher Reserve' . The article is interesting for many reasons. It seems there has been a polar shift in how we are currently being viewed . The article quotes a new hire, Mr. Asher. He references ATRs as being (hold onto your seats) "highly desirable"! Finally the truth is out. He has been hired by the DOE to help ATRs. Not to help us out of the system, counsel or demoralize us -while simultaneously having Mr. Mulgrew agree to discriminate against us. Mr. Asher wants us hired. This is in sharp contrast to the city's previous views and the previous articles, i.e. . My post on that article and it's implications can be found here .

    Well, what does this all mean? I believe the much speculated upcoming teacher shortage is now an undeniable fact. There are those of us who are jaded and may view this as a charade to counteract any future claims of discrimination. Whatever it is, I'm happy to welcome Mr. Asher to our cause. I much prefer the term, 'highly desirable' to 'sub-par'.


  1. I don't believe the DOE wants to place us but to come up with other ways to harass us.

  2. The incentive and Mr. Asher's comments are encouraging. The failure of the incentive was due to the strong branding of us as being 'sub-par'. No one wants a sub-par teacher even if he or she is free. The incentive, Mr. Asher's comments and the Daily News article's positive slant (no mention of negative stereotypes) are hopeful.


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