Friday, January 27, 2017

WitchFest: Randi vs. DeVos and Moskowitz

I should have been Secretary of Education!

    Which witch will win? Randi is out against DeVos. What a surprise. I'm underwhelmed by the confrontation. DeVos seems a little shaken in that she's taken out ads to counteract Randi's spells Moskowitz wouldn't have done that. She would have set up a boxing ring in Times Square and invited Randi over. Trump knows this and wanted her. (Fortunately for us, taking a position as Secretary of Education is a step down in salary and she refused it.) Eva recently came out in support of DeVos I believe DeVos' intentions may be honorable, but Trump is giving her the shot for one reason only - her husband's billions. There is no way she should ever be considered for Secretary of Education and the Democrats agree  . Randi Weingarten, I wish you well in our shared battle (against someone who wouldn't have been there if you had endorsed Bernie).

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