Saturday, January 21, 2017

Would You Like to Play ATR Russian Roulette? Part 2


    Deja Vu! Yesterday several friends called to say there was a new school listed on their SESIS account. This after we have received our weekly emails telling us to return to our current schools. The concern, based on recent rumors, is that the listed school may be the only one we are sent to for the remainder of the year. I understand the concern, but it's the same concern we used to go through weekly, monthly and now bi-annually (?). Some are concerned that we may be placed permanently or provisionally. I understand that concern also. What if the school is geographically undesirable, like that beautiful girl you met on the train to Albany in 1984? What if the school is ill managed? What if the school is populated by gangs of evil elves? These are the dark imaginings of a panicked mind. Don't imagine or consider these things. We are great teachers and will do well, no matter where we are sent or for how long. Mr. Asher does not want to be viewed as forcing sub-par teachers onto unsuspecting schools - he logically wants us to succeed. If these rumors have any veracity, the UFT should notify us. If there are current negotiations, we should be asked for input. If there are no more rotations, we should revert back to (what I like to refer to as) ATR Russian Roulette. We pick one school out of six. That said, I'd like to treated with respect again, or with the same lack of it as every other teacher.

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