Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Annual Meetings and Input From ATRs

   See you in September!
      There is a new ATR agreement that looks a lot like the old ATR agreement, but took most of a year to be negotiated, was done secretly, without ATR input, without open discussion and without being voted upon. Many of us have questions and concerns. We used to have an ATR advisory committee and ATR agreements were voted upon. At last nights Executive Board http://nyceducator.com/2017/06/uft-executive-board-june-5th-homophopes.html  meeting Ms. Arundel said we don't need meetings concerning this, as there are annual borough meetings every fall. Stuart Kaplan mentioned ATRs now have a choice of getting a buyout or being forced placed, and that a couple of ATRs he talked to were excited about the prospect. Mr. Mulgrew mentioned we're going to be a right to work nation and state soon - the implication being since it's going to be happening to all of us soon, the ATRs shouldn't balk because the UFT are using their own version of it now.

We are very excited!

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