Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Janus - The God of New Beginnings

    There is a terrible fear of Janus by many that are enshrined in their unchanging, unchallenged roles in the UFT. I believe Janus is the best possible remedy for what ailes us. It is making the rank and file question how they feel about how they are and have been represented. Janus is the Roman god of new beginnings http://theconversation.com/who-was-janus-the-roman-god-of-beginnings-and-endings-86853This can be a truly pivotal moment for the UFT. If they want to ensure loyality, they can change. They can listen to their members and work with them. That means protecting new teachers from discontinuance, ending Fair Student Funding, stopping oversized classes, stopping the targeting of veteran teachers because of individual school budgets, working towards unit funding for schools, working with the mayor for a safe and fair discipline code, ensuring that vindictive school leaders are not given carte blanche over their fiefdoms and that teachers have a fair evaluation process that isn't unnessarily odious. Respect is what most people want in their dealings with others - that doesn't exclude the UFT. If we are paying dues, we shouldn't be discriminated against by those we have entrusted to represent us. That means there aren't different rules for teachers because one came from a closed school and one did not. It does mean if we are berated in the media, the president of the UFT, Mr. Mulgrew, utters something in our defense. The UFT wants the rank and file to continue to pay dues. Most of us want a union that is responsive to our needs and wants. Show us something of substance to indicate that our voices are heard.  The app, discounts and door knockers are mere pleasantries that intelligent people recognize as such  - substantive action is now required - with it a new beginning of hope and a stronger union can be reborn.

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