Monday, April 30, 2018

More Than a Million Teachers Can't Receive Social Security at Retirement


       Several years ago I spent a week in Kentucky. The people there are friendly, religious and I had no negative experiences. If you like bluegrass, bourbon and beef - you'll be in a much better place than NYC. If you happen to be a teacher in Kentucky, you may need to leave heaven and come here. I came to that conclusion while recently speaking to a Kentucky teacher. She wanted to move up here and needed some advice. I asked her to explain the situation and what she told me I had trouble believing - I had to verify it. She told me as a high school teacher working in Kentucky, she's not eligible to receive Social Security upon retirement because the state has a teacher pension plan. This retirement plan was being underfunded and could have seen retirees getting nothing from their pension or SS. The governor there wouldn't help, so for that and other reasons, the teachers were forced to strike. In learning all this, I couldn't help but think this may spread in a variety of disguises. Many in positions of power want to do away with Social Security. There are many attacks by the wealthy elite on teachers and it all centers around money - teachers, students and education mean nothing to them. I told her the grass is always greener on the other side, but none is bluer than Kentucky's. I urge everyone to research Social Security and the current issues that could affect it.


  1. NY has a pension plan for teachers and they still get social security. I don't get it!!

    1. The government has raised Social Security age, is borrowing from it and there are concerted efforts to severely cut it and eventually end it. States like Kentucky have ended it for teachers.


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