Wednesday, October 24, 2018

I'll Be Voting No on the Latest Joke

I read through the material enclosed with the ballot. My natural tendency was to line my cat's litter box, but I fought the inclination. However, I still came to the same reaction after reading everything carefully and researching the items that weren't presented.

First, let me say there are many different individuals with different wants and needs that this proposed contract tries to placate. Overall it does so inadequately or not at all. For those that see money as the foremost appeal of teaching - this contract does not meet inflation. For those that want less observations - that the rest of the state already has and have not had to negotiate for - this is an insulting enticement. In other words, it should not have had to have been negotiated for. For those that can't teach because of out of control students - all schools will have a SAVE room. SAVE rooms were mandated at least 5 years ago and slowly disappeared because of the scarcity of space, due to shared school locations from dismantled large schools. So again we negotiate for what we were already supposed to have. Then there are class sizes. If the UFT is not going to enforce our already contractual limits in this regard, why are they presenting it again? Appearances? (It shows impotency not strength.)

Secondly, paras rights are protected. They're due paying members, so why weren't they protected to begin with (?) - that they will be now is a good thing - but it's basically the UFT tooting its own horn for what it should have been doing all along. For me this is the only valuable item in the proposed contract.  How about new teachers that can be discontinued for wearing white after Labor Day? Where are their protections? Not addressed. How about veteran teachers that have high salaries that drain individual school budgets and as such have a target on their backs (a la Fair Student Funding)? Not a word. Those teachers, if they beat their trumped up charges will become ATRs. What about ATRs? That vile cesspool where the most experienced, older and highest paid teachers are tossed with the hope of drowning in despair? Well folks, they will be hired if there isn't anyone left, on the face of globe, that hasn't been hired for the particular position as of Sept. 1st. These positions are actively recruited for from April to September - so the only positions open will be ones that even starving twenty two year olds from Boise won't take. Hey, but don't worry  the UFT has you covered - ATRs can apply for small group literacy. LOL! SAVE room coverage and literacy in one full swoop.

Thirdly, undefined, undisclosed healthcare givebacks will ensure that this contract will cost us more than it will compensate us. I'm sure there are other items hidden in this contract that are only inferred but have the ability to greatly damage us - from extra pay (for the best teachers!) for Bronx high need schools, to greater distance learning, to having to get classes approved for your 30 credits over your Masters.

I'm voting NO.

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