Saturday, November 2, 2019

Desperation for the Charter School Vampires

I’ve been following the numerous, ever increasing NY Post editorial attacks on deBlasio over charter schools and constantly pleading TV and radio ads from Eva. Eva and friends even had a protest and tried in vain to provoke deBlasio To his credit, he didn’t fall for it. Nothing seems to be working, so today the Post and Mona Davids (Charter school parent and enthusiast) upped the ante. You see it’s almost Christmas and everyone wants a new Jag. That’s not going to happen without more victims. How can they get the public and or politicians outraged enough to force the hand of the mayor into doing what they want or lift his control of schools? Well, it’s another attack on mayoral control of the DOE and teachers.

Recently, we’ve  been called radioactive sharks and female teachers were inferred to be money hungry whores now it’s these two articles in today’s Post -
and It paints teachers as sex crazed Pedophiles that can do whatever they want, get highly paid for doing nothing (with the rest of the criminals in the ATR pool) - all while the poor vampires are locked out of the blood bank. Sue, as a wonderful and fair writer, these two articles are beneath you in their barely disguised goals.

Desperate times and Bravo to you, Mayor deBlasio!

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