Saturday, December 14, 2019

There are Statistics to be Upheld (Updated)

    I’ve been following the terrible story concerning Barnard student Tessa Majors.  It wasn’t a surprise to me that these were teenagers. It wasn’t a surprise to me that they had robbed numerous times previously. It wasn’t a surprise to me that the police refused to get involved because of their ‘age’.  Age being  the requisite keyword for race. The police are now very careful to the point of inaction. They have even let the second teen suspect out because they want more evidence. I guess his accomplice’s first hand eye witness account isn’t enough. The NYPD believe that in Bill deBlasio’s New York City, if you are a person of color, the cry of racism and police brutality can thwart your arrest, create a lawsuit and get any well intentioned cop in a whole lot of trouble. There are statistics to be upheld.

   How about these ‘kids’ schools and teachers? I’d bet my next retro check that those middle school students carried their knives daily to school, that there are no metal detectors and that they were hell to deal with. I’d also bet their teachers learned quickly to tolerate every outrage heaped on them from the deadly trio of Chuckies. Were there any mental health interventions done? You know the answer. Their teachers also know there are no more suspensions, they better not complain and better stay quiet even when personally assaulted. There are statistics to be upheld.

   How about the legal guardians of these possessed turds? Did they question their thirteen and fourteen year olds when they saw questionable behavior and money on their little darlings? One tenant, who lives in the arrested scholar’s building, said little Chucky was just a normal thirteen year old that chills out in front of his building and smokes pot. A few years ago Black middle aged men were getting searched and arrested for having a joint. Now thirteen year olds can stay in front of their buildings, smoke weed and no one says ‘boo’.

   This case is a tragedy. Tessa’s life was stolen by selfish, out of control teenagers. They became that way because they were no consequences enacted by their caretakers or even by those entrusted to uphold our laws.

   Bill deBlasio has had many good intentions, but he should never be allowed to hold public office again.

   May G-d bless Tessa Majors and her family.

Update ***The head the NYPD’s Sargent’s Union, Ed Mullins, has decided to deflect the mounting criticism that comes from the growing awareness that Tessa’s death could have been avoided, if the NYPD had done its job. Mullins is doing so by blaming the victim, Tessa, inferring she caused her own death by searching out marijuana for sale. This abject strategy is beyond repulsive.


  1. Her murder is because of DeBlasio's Doe and NYPD , and to a lesser extent the UFT. The fucking charter schools sent those murders back to their public school.

  2. I agree. Let's not forget the legal guardians. I haven't read that they were charter school rejects.

  3. Yes and I wonder did the parents and legal guardians know they were mugging White and Asian people in the park? I also wonder if the parents got a cut of the action?

  4. Interesting questions. I don't know if these 'kids' sought out victims of certain races - if I had to bet, I'd bet everything I own that they did. Our economic realities are such that certain races are much more affluent than others. Additionally the long vestige of segregation and the banal urban teen media paints Whites as 'soft'. As to whether or not the parents were somehow activel involved in their offsprings robberies, other than via extraordinary neglect, I sure hope not. That's just awful to consider.

  5. I say fry those kids until you have ashes

  6. There has to be a trial, and a thorough investigation into the circumstances and entitities that facilitated the crime. I'm not entirely sure that will happen.


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