Thursday, January 9, 2020

Bloomy is Ready to Take Your Jobs and Don’t Forget It!!!

      As most of you know I am no fan of Mike Bloomberg. He single-handedly did more to hurt public education than anyone before or after him in it’s long history here in New York City. There doesn’t seem to be too many Democrats that are aware of this, outside of New York City.  Many of my Jewish compatriots say I shouldn’t worry about any of this because as a Jew he doesn't have a chance of getting elected. I call Bullshit. Same as when they told me there was no way Trump could win. These same guys are saying Bernie can win. Last I looked, he’s Jewish too. Why are we even classifying candidates in this manner? Because our country has become so bigoted against every race and religion it’s the first thing people will notice or want to know. Disgusting - on so many levels. I’m getting off topic. The topic is Bloomberg.

   Does Bloomberg have a good chance of getting the Democratic nomination? You can bet on it. Not only the nomination, but garnishing many Independent and Republican votes after that nomination in the general election. People are tired of listening to a suited fraud that makes Archie Bunker look like a polished intellectual. The obvious assassination of an American enemy for political deflection hasn’t fooled anyone. It’s just another instance of presidential power being used for personal reasons and may hurt him much more than help. Regardless, he will not be removed from the White House but he has increased his chances of losing the election. All of this helps Bloomberg.

   Why should we care if Trump loses? Because Bloomberg may win. He appears a moderate to the typical Democrat and Republican. There are a lot more moderates  than those on the far right or left.  Bloomy is a guy who will gut unions, gut the middle class, elevate the 1% club, destroy public education and rule this country like he ruled NYC. He is a also a sexist and a racist - his apologies to Women and Blacks not withstanding. His self funded climate change stance and health care plans have endeared him to many Dems. His views on the privatization of public entities, trampling on unions (look at our once we’ll paid school bus drivers) and his atrocious business model for everything has endeared him to many Republicans - they view him as the embodiment of everything they wish for in Trump - sans the circumcision, of course.

   If not Trump or Bloomberg - who should it be? It was, is and should be Bernie. He’s gaining political ground, but many don’t want him to succeed and I truly believe the UFT/AFT and Democratic Party ( are such entities. His health policies will put the UFT welfare fund cronyism and misleading tales of the UFT paying our medical bills out of business. (I know there are some reading this now, shaking their heads and saying, ‘You mean they don’t?!)

   If Bernie doesn’t get the Democratic nomination, I’m taking to streets. I’m also writing the Democratic Party, and voicing my opinion on every venue possible and so should you. Stop sitting back trusting and expecting the UFT/AFT and your Democratic ‘representatives’ to do the right thing. They all do what’s right for themselves - make them understand that what’s best for us is what’s best for them, Demand it.

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