Monday, March 23, 2020

Lessons to be Learned ; Part 1 - Do Your Own Thinking

    As a product of Catholic school, thinking for oneself was a big no, no. When confronted with a question or answer that didn’t make sense, we were told it just was. We were also told to follow directions and never question or refuse a request from a teacher ( who were all Christian Brothers). We were to give our teachers the same respect as our parents or be met with severe punishment. It seems to me that many teachers in the DOE were similarly raised or later molded accordingly. I figured out long ago that I had to think for myself. What’s good for others, even those you trust, is not necessarily good for you. It’s saved my life several times, and if you don’t eventually learn this lesson it may eventually cost you everything you have.

    Last week, I had a friend call me to tell me she was going into her public school to learn distance learning. Of course, I did my best to dissuade her and told her she should learn distantly. Her response was the UFT would not allow her to be sent into a contaminated school. I told her you have to assume they are all contaminated. Then she said something that shocked me. She said, ‘if it’s my time, it’s my time. I’ve had a good life and if I die trying to help children then I’ll die a good death.’ I asked her to please think of all the people who love her and depend on her. She told me her children were grown and gone, and to stop worrying about nothing. Today she has a fever and bad cough. I told her husband there’s testing at Glenn Island Park in New Rochelle and he should take her there ASAP. He said he would.

    Now, ‘Jane’, is like many teachers I know. Good hearted, kind, trusting and completely loyal to the UFT, up to and including to the point where she has trusted them with her life. I said this once and I’ll say it again - if this doesn’t wake you up to what the UFT has become, then nothing will.

   Stay safe.


  1. I was a little insulted at first. You know, I don't know what to think, but I do know how to think. I did not go in last week. What was the UFT's explanation? Do you know? Catholic school taught us lots of great things, but you're right it made us compliant by keeping us in our roles. Never step out of line - another lesson for many to learn or unlearn. Later on, if you were lucky enough to afford a Jesuit education like I did at Fordham, you were taught how to think. This of course was lost on those who went to Catholic school only up to 12th grade.

  2. My apologies - not my intention to insult Catholic school education or teachers in general. I am who I am, in good measure because of Catholic schools. Sometimes I get frustrated and want teachers to wake the f**k up.I think many are now at a crossroad - the blindfold has been taken off. What will teachers do? Especially the ones who have been unfalteringly loyal? No, I don't know what lame excuse they are trying to come up with - I'm sure it'll be something like it would have been illegal if we told teachers not to attend. Fordham is a great university, I visited with my daughter last year. Stay safe.

  3. I want to report my school for allowing us to be exposed to the virus after they knew several kids were sick. I don't want them coming after me. I'm afraid of reprisals. The principal we have is an animal. A vicious, ruthless animal that is in complete control. She might as well have the chapter leader chained on a leash under her desk.

  4. You're right to be afraid. No one will protect you, especially the UFT. You're just not angry enough yet. Once you are, you'll know what to do. Good luck.


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