Thursday, December 9, 2021

Why are Doctors Refusing Pain Meds to Patients who are Recovering from Surgeries, ( or have chronic pain or are terminally ill)?


  Hopefully everything is going well with your health, but recently I’ve had several friends who have had surgeries, and two that have been in chronic pain for years. All of them have been refused pain meds. These aren’t teenagers I’m talking about - they are men in their mid to late 60s. My buddies who are in chronic pain have never had a problem with their pain meds, but have been summarily pulled off them. I asked my doctor about it and he said that most doctors are now just too afraid to prescribe pain medication. My doctor told me that one of his patients (that has tremendous chronic pain) has taken to buying street drugs and even more troubling he’s heard of some ‘suiciding’ from the combination of pain and withdrawals. He told me many doctors haven’t been prescribing pain med for several years. The prescription rate for pain meds is currently at a ten year low, but you wouldn’t know that from reading the papers or watching the Netflix show, Dope Sick Nation. The media is screaming that more people died from opioid overdoses during the pandemic, than from Covid. This proclamation often accompanies a picture of pills and pharmaceutical company names. What you may not hear is how litigation lawyers are lining up and see this as a once in a lifetime opportunity to strike it rich. They are suing everyone from doctors to the local pharmacist. The pharmaceutical companies are the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Elderly, sick or dying people are just collateral damage for these lawyers. 

   You might be thinking, ‘well, why shouldn’t they sue - so many people are overdosing from opioids!’ They are indeed overdosing from opioids, (one particular opioid) but not from prescription pills that have been prescribed. Less than 1% of people who are prescribed opiates develop a problem and/or overdose. The folks that are overdosing are overdosing from fentanyl. They are by and large solely recreational drug users. Seven middle-age men in my neighborhood, which is overrun with bars, have overdosed using cocaine - but it wasn’t the cocaine that did them in. Fentanyl is now being put into everything from marijuana to heroin to cocaine. It’s extremely cheap and is being imported via the US mail from China. It is also being imported in bulk to Mexico, for sale here. This is a huge problem that really isn’t being addressed correctly. Add it to the fact that innocent people are suffering. I’ve included a link that discusses the situation in depth.   Peace.

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