Wednesday, March 24, 2021


  It certainly seems as if our old friend Andrew Cuomo will be getting another pass for his numerous misdeeds. How is this possible? He is directly responsible for 15,000 deaths. Worse than that, for our Cancel Culture Republic, he has been publicly revealed as a serial sexual harasser by the very women who have worked for him, with him or around him. Teachers and union members have long been the foil of his smarmy assaults on our income and careers. He has no moral compass or static belief system. Marijuana was once a gateway drug, but now should be legalized because it will gain him popularity. Partial birth abortion, a heinous procedure, is something to be protected, for the women he claims he cares and respects so deeply. Perhaps, he’s hoping that one day one of his conquered lust interests may use it, instead of his potential child support. Well, you get my point. This is a guy who is despicable in every aspect of his life, personality and political career. This is a guy who hates teachers. This is a guy who wants to replace public schools with charter schools. This is a guy who has set up his own investigatory procedure, which will drag out indefinitely and which will assuredly be dismissed, without an impeachment. Has Andrew Cuomo sold his soul to the devil? Perhaps. And perhaps the devil is keeping his bargain. Will Andrew Cuomo be President of the United States one day? I sure hope not.

Remarkably or maybe not so, this is a guy that the UFT will not speak ill of. Why? The
UFT should do the right thing and make a strong statement against sexual harassment and a no-confidence vote on Andrew Cuomo’s continued tenure as NYS governor. It would prove that the UFT still has some legitimacy, has some weight in its public statements and hasn’t sold its collective soul as well.

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